1st WLN Conference 2018 – Bangkok Thailand 8th to 10th October

WLN-1st Annual Conference members


WLN -World Logistics Network, has had its 1st annual Conference at the Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok Thailand on the 8th to 10th October 2018. It was a huge success for a new network and demonstrated that one could compete with the larger networks who tend to miss use the meaning of the word “Family”.

WLN President Mr Edward Downey said he was committed to having only 2 members per country with the exception of some larger countries, China, India, and USA. WLN wants to fill that void created by the larger networks and Edward says he will cap the number of members permitted to join his network at 150 companies. He wants to make WLN a real family in the true sense of been a small group of committed members working for each other and sharing business together.

He will introduce a payment protection plan for his membership when the number of members increase and it is viable to implement. In the meantime, Mr Downey has asked his membership to immediately sign up to an agency agreement that protects each member until this payment protection fund is in place. WLN is a real alternative to other networks with very affordable membership fees and annual conference fees, making his network the real alternative in the logistics field. He may be contacted at edward@wln.ie