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If you are considering joining a global network of independently owned and operated freight forwarders and logistics companies, please take a few minutes to compare the benefits offered by WLN with other competitors:

Benefits of being a WLN Member:


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Join WLN as a Registered Member with NO Application or membership fee applicable and take advantage of WLN membership benefits; upgrade to Premium Member within the 1st 12-months after demonstrating pro-active sales efforts, operational excellence, responsive communications and prompt payment of debts Yes ???
WLN is a network with global coverage & presence consisting of leading locally-owned independent forwarders and logistics companies Yes ???
Membership classes structured to entice teamwork, operational excellence and proactive sales efforts generating more cargo between members Yes ???
Network dedicated to establishing working relationships with like-minded companies in domestic and overseas locations Yes ???
Having access to a global network of pre-qualified recommended/referred members who have passed WLN’s rigorous admission process Yes ???
An innovative technological platform which allows WLN to keep and maintain an interactive and close relationship with Members as well as being 100% current at any time Yes ???
Having access to a neutral and impartial network management team consisting of experienced industry veterans Yes ???
WLN Management will only accept a reasonable number of members in any location bearing in mind the geographic size of the market and the need to provide multiple options to members outside of that location Yes ???
Being able to attend a well organized Annual Conference designed to maximize business development Yes ???
A generous interactive Referral Program that benefits members for their recommendations Yes ???
Responsive network management team with offices in Asia, Europe and the USA Yes ???
WLN Members can be trusted having past a vigorous admission process Yes ???
Management focused on bringing benefits to members with Quality over Quantity Yes ???
All members joining after January 01 must participate in WLN’s Payment Protection Fund covering delinquent debts from WLN and other members Yes ???
A professionally organized and managed Annual Conference offering the opportunity to meet fellow members in formal business and social environments to help forge new and bond existing relationships all leading to increased business Yes ???
Dynamic network consistently attracting new members that bring new opportunities for business development Yes ???
A sophisticated member-friendly website with periodic eNewsletter and other leading-edge facilities Yes ???
Reasonable Annual Membership and Conference Fees. Yes



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