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COVID-19 affects all of us Including the Irish owners of WLN who are forced to stay at home as instructed by the Irish Government. As all of you know Ireland is where WLN is based and operates from. –  Many of you will also know that we have canceled and re-scheduled our conference twice this year in March 2020 and October 2020 and now re-scheduled, to March 2021. Hopefully, this pandemic will come to a successful outcome where life as we have known will get back to normal and that you and your families will all be safe again. Rest assured we are still here to help. We do hope our re-scheduled conference next March 2021 will go ahead, and this pandemic will be a far distant memory. Stay safe, and look after your families in the interim period.

Next year World Logistics Network will host its 2nd Annual conference at the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites Bangkok.” 17th and 18th March 2021.  If this changes again, we will advise in advance. 

WLN is also pleased to announce a shorter 2-day conference in place of our previously booked conferences. We feel delegates wishing to attend our conference would have had enough stress re-scheduling, and a two-day conference would be more economical and practical. It will also allow those who wish to attend our fellow network competitors events, a chance to arrange other meetings outside of the WLN conference.

We also are mindful some airlines and hotels may not have refunded those who had other conferences previously booked. I am well aware that some people had lost money on booked flights and accommodation, and those who were lucky to have had insurance could make a claim but only in some cases.

WLN is pleased to announce our members got full refunds.

As a gesture of goodwill, WLN is pleased to announce we have reduced our conference fee by more than 50% to give everybody a chance to attend an affordable but very enjoyable business-like conference in March 2021

WLN sees its own growth through the mistakes other networks often make. Some become too big and impersonal, resulting in no commitment from its members as they hop in and out of other networks looking for new business opportunities because they are competing with too many members representing the same cities they are based in.

Remember WLN rewards its members by giving a 30% discount off the following years’ annual fees for each new member introduced. New members must be approved, and paid their annual membership fees before being eligible to participate in this scheme. They will have been assessed in advance of becoming a WLN “Premium Member” through our screening process which we operate through our association worldwide with creditsafe.com

Take the first step, come join an “Exclusive Members Network Conference and experience the difference. See you in March 2021..!!!!


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