Creditsafe and WLN team up to give its registered WLN “Premium Members” – Free Business Credit Reports.

Manage your cashflow more effectively by understanding the financial stability of the businesses you deal with. While other networks charge you annually for debt protection fees of more than USD 600, we give you access to our partners creditsafe and a free report. This free report allows you to make the best financial decision about those you are contemplating doing business with. Here is a link to creditsafe so when you become a “Premium Member” and have paid your annual WLN membership fee, creditsafe will give you access to any company, anywhere, worldwide. This is another benefit of becoming a “Premium Member” of World Logistics Network.

Be pro-active and not reactive. It is vitally important to you and your WLN partners that you check out first, those you are considering doing business with. This includes your local suppliers and International suppliers. There is an old saying that says, “Fail to prepare” then “Prepare to Fail”. Another good reason why WLN should be your first choice when choosing a network that has all members best interest its top priority. With global strength and our association to creditsafe we are keeping our members in a safe financial environment.