Etihad makes good with WLN boss, and accommodates its clients previous booking, with an alternative date or a refund.

It is good news, and hopefully other airlines will follow Etihad`s generosity of spirit during this time of uncertainty while COVID-19 disrupts our lives and causes havoc across the worlds economy. Well done to Etihad as they have fully redeemed themselves and shown what can be achieved when we take a pro-active stand in doing the right thing. I would ask all our members and delegates where possible to support Etihad when making their next travel booking . We should also be mindful that Etihad and other airlines run a business and not a charity. If your airline was as generous as Etihad in my case, you should have the decency when re-booking your flights to support that airline who supported you at this difficult time in all our businesses. My sincere thanks to all at Etihad and well done for taking the initiative. Edward Downey President & CEO World Logistics Network – Ireland.