WLN Membership Application....

This WLN Membership Application will take approximately 10-minutes of your time.  Submitting this Membership Application does NOT mean that your company has been approved for membership!  Also, be aware, up-front - that WLN does NOT accept members:

  • Without a functioning website

  • Under 2-years in existence

  • Using free email services (yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc)

  • Listed by any industry collection agency such as Trans-Collections.com, FreightDeadbeats.com or FDRS.

WLN Membership Application

Does your company have IATA License?
Is Company a member of any local forwarding or other related industry organization?
Is ISO certified?
Services provided by your company

Air Freight

Sea/Ocean Freight

Road/Truck Freight


Household Removals/Moving

Special services offered
Do you have Branch Offices is this Country?
Include these domestic offices in your Application?
Include these overseas offices in your Application?

Membership Fees

There are NO up-front Application or Membership Fees for becoming a WLN Registered Member and enjoying all the benefits associated with being a WLN Member. Registered Members who have performed to WLN's required high standards can convert to being Premium Members by no later than 1-year from joining WLN.
WLN will take 3-5 days to review Membership Applications, and in the event that the Applicant is accepted, WLN will send an invoice covering EUR 300 for USD 10,000 coverage in the WLN Payment Protection Fund (PPF) against bad or delinquent debts from other WLN Members.
The Annual Membership Fee for a Premium Member is EUR 1,250 for the first location and EUR 350 for each additional branch office in the same country.
Terms & Conditions


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