Membership Benefits

Access Partners In Every Country

Membership Categories:

  • (A) Premium Members – Have Full Access, to other fully paid up members. Full membership benefits apply. They work with other Premium Members and support each other by sharing business, sales leads, net/net rates, and sales development in their respective countries. Premium members also have access to our worldwide database of forwarders and they are free to choose and share business with them, if WLN have no member in that city or country. 
  • (B) Registered Companies – Have no access to any member or company registered on this site.These are companies who freely registered and are in the process of been considered for membership. They may also stay as a registered company for as long as the BOD of WLN decide to leave them in this registered status zone. They have no privileges or access to any Fully Paid Up – Premium Members. There are no benefits attached to being a registered company.

Benefits of “Premium Membership

  • Exclusivity for each country allowing only one member per city. There are some exceptions in larger countries, where greater coverage is required in order to facilitate and give choices to Premium Members who require additional location choices to facilitate their clients needs.    
  • Premium Members offer, Door to Door,  Airport-to-Airport and Seaport-to-Seaport price structures.
  • All our Premium Members offer Choice, flexibility and cost-competitive services.
  • Incentive Scheme for Members to receive 30% discount off annual membership fees when they introduce a new member to a city and airport not covered by an existing member.
  • Debt Protection – WLN secure membership is offered to our premium members only. By contacting WLN  you will be covered through our introduction of your company, to our global preferred partner Creditsafe”. Before you consider giving credit to a supplier no matter where in the world they are located, WLN has full access to every companies financial returns, and we will be happy to give you solid financial advice prior to you giving credit. Our members have been checked and approved, so you can be safe in the knowledge they are a trusted member who will pay your account on time when you join World Logistics Network.
  • So be pro-active and join us knowing your money is protected. Contact Edward at for further details. Dont wait until the damage has been done. We do charge a small fee to assure you the company or supplier you wish to do business with, will pay your account. It can be a WLN member or one of your own suppliers. we will give you an on the spot payment history and evaluation, plus Profit / Loss report. One of your many benefits of WLN secure membership.

Other benefits available to WLN Membership include the following :- Gain Access to Niche Markets

  • Across all transport & industry related sectors, which culminates and facilitates global connectivity 
  • Work with partners who provide Customs Clearance formalities at origin and destination.
  • Partners which offer full packing, loading /offloading services and facilities.
  • Niche Market Services.
  • Warehousing.
  • AOG.
  • Heavy Lift and Project Cargo Services.
  • Time critical services.. Door to Door Parcel Service, Courier Services.
  • Home Removal Services.
  • Pet Shipping Services

Attractively Discounted Insurance

  • Through one of the world’s largest Insurance Underwriters, Marsh Canada.
  • Available to you, to offer your clients at heavily discounted rates. All done online. 
  • Example – Air, Road or Sea at cost – Insured value based on USD 3000.00 Premium costs, as low as USD 25.00 on a Door to Door basis.
  • Commercial cargo at highly competitive rates.
  • Cargocover underwriters at destination, will deal directly with claims and work with your client should there be a potential claim. Saving you time and resources allowing you to get on with your day to day business. This is one of the advantages of being a Premium Member of WLN.
  • Be part of a growing global network that works for you, and build key relationships across the WLN network.
  • Promote and advertise your company’s services.
  • Opportunity to meet once a year at the WLN Annual Conference.
  • Share best international practice.
  • Meet industry leaders face-to-face.
  • Pre-arrange your meetings through WLN’s one2one meeting scheduler.
  • WLN conferences will take place over 3 to 4 days, giving you the perfect opportunity to plan your annual calendar event. Enjoy your meetings and our social events, they are part of belonging to a truly global network that works in your best interest, and all its members.
  • Work with Partners and develop business lanes that give you the flexibility, to manage within market conditions, cost competitiveness and awareness.

The WLN Promise

  • If we do not have a member at a destination you require, we will recommend a partner at that destination from our extensive worldwide database of quality trustworthy connections. Our 35 years of network operational / sales experience will enhance your business and growth expectations. After all we are providing a platform for success and your success is our future.
  • Our database covers every airport and seaport worldwide for air, road and sea shipments. You are about to work and join with partners who will transcend your logistical requirements.
  • WLN board of directors will help you grow your business and are available 24/7. How many networks offer the same .?????
  • We look forward to welcoming you on board.
  • Lets build a better future. – be part of the team, which takes you there.

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