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The WLN Management Team has extensive experience is establishing and growing networks and know of 100+ competing networks of varying quality – many of which WLN would not recommend that any company join! The Management Team also understands that many companies are reluctant to outlay membership fees in the hope and optimism that they will receive a return on their investment

Therefore, WLN has been structured with two status of Membership: Registered and Premium Members as detailed below. This structure has a number of benefits not found with other networks including No up-front Application or Membership Fees for becoming a Registered Member while enjoying all the same benefits as paid members. Registered Members need to upgrade to Premium Member status within a maximum of 12-months by working with and then being endorsed by 3-5 other WLN members.

Registered Members

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Registered Members are those companies seeking to be part of WLN and that have passed WLN’s rigorous membership admission review and have paid to participate in the WLN Payment Protection Fund

Registered Members are granted access to the same membership benefits as Premium Members with the exception that WLN advises all members that, lacking sales,operations, communications and payment history, to exercise normal industry caution.

Registered Members are expected to upgrade to become Premium Members within 1 year of joining WLN. Upgrading membership to Premium status can occur any time after joining and requires that 3-5 other WLN members recommend this change to WLN based on your mutual sales, operational and payment history.

Fees: There are NO Membership Application or Membership Fees applicable to becoming a Registered Member

Premium Members

Premium Members are those highly-reputable companies that have worked pro-actively with other WLN Members in sales development; have demonstrated strong operational capabilities and responsive communications. In addition, have been current on payment of their debts to other WLN members.

Fees:  Upon upgrade to becoming Premium Members, the annual fee is EUR 1,250 for the first location and EUR 350 for each additional office in the same country.


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