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Is your company a member of a Local forwarding Institute OR other related industry affiliation?
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Details (Fees & Benefits)

Fee for Head Office -Corporate Membership per Company and Country €590 for annual 12 month period.

Fee per Sub-Office if available in same country applied for in this application – €130.00 per office up to 3 offices.( Note – Check with World Logistics Network corporate Office – to see if the sub -offices you may wish to apply for are available).

Included in Annual corporate – Membership Fees – €590.00

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NOTE: Sub Offices –
Sub Offices in same country of corporate office, where membership is applied for – will be shown in our directory at this link under –Branch Offices. Scroll down when window opens to View Branch Office

NOTE: We encourage our Premium Members, associates, and Guests, to attend our yearly conference and One to One meetings.

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